Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. What is the Principals Academy Certification Test (PACT)?

    PACT is an assessment tool provided by Principals Academy to helps schools ascertain the academic capabilities of Students and to assess the suitability of the student for his/her applied level of study.

  2. How does PACT benefit students?

    The PACT provides students with a standardized proficiency certification. With the certification test result being recognized by more than 100 participating mainstream schools, we have since the launch of PACT in 2004, helped more than 25,000 student candidates save time and cost by removing the need for them to take entrance exams administered at the individual institutions.

  3. What subjects will the candidates be tested on?

    English Language and Mathematics will be tested. The papers will be conducted on two consecutive half-days . Candidates will be tested on content and skills that a student is expected to know when entering a new academic year at the academic level applied for. (E.g. A Secondary 2 candidate will be tested on the entirety of the Secondary 1 syllabus)

  4. What is the PACT format like?

    The test is paper-based and is benchmarked to local school papers. Secondary school papers will be of the 'Express' standard.

  5. How do I revise for the PACT?

    Assessment books for Primary and Secondary levels are available at bookstores and retail shops island wide.

  6. Does the test guarantee a place in one of the participating schools?

    PACT is a certification test for admission consideration and not centralized posting exercise. Admission to the school of choice and level is subjected to the availability of vacancies and the applicant satisfying the admission criteria of each individual school.

  7. When will the results be released?

    The results will be sent by mail to the candidates within 30 days from the date of testing.

  8. Will schools still conduct entrance tests after a student takes the PACT?

    Schools in the participating list will not conduct further entrance tests unless specified. Streaming tests may be prescribed to the candidate after his/her acceptance into the school for the purpose of allocating a class and/or subject combination (where applicable).

  9. How credible is the PACT result?

    All schools stated in the participating schools list will recognize the PACT results. Alternatively, candidates can check directly with the school of their choice on admission criteria before approaching PACT.

  10. What if the school I want to apply to is not in the list of participating schools?

    Schools not listed as participating in PACT will have their own set of admission tests and processes. Please contact the respective school(s) directly to apply for admission.

  11. Are we allowed to make alteration or to withdraw after registration?

    There will be no alteration or withdrawal made after submission of application. As such, applicants  are advised to consider carefully and re-check the content in the application form before submission.

  12. What must candidates bring along on the Test Day?

    Compulsory, all candidates must provide proof of identity before being allowed into the examination venue.  Please bring along your PACT Notification Letter (if any), Letter of Confirmation and Original Passport (For Non-Singaporean Students) or NRIC/Birth Cert (For Singaporean). No other forms of identification will be accepted.

  13. How much does PACT cost?

Primary Level - SGD220 (SPR/Other Citizenship) / SGD100 (Singaporean student)

Secondary Level - SGD270 (SPR/Other Citizenship) / SGD120 (Singaporean student)

  1. What are the available test fee payment modes?

By Digital - Debit/Credit Card /  PayNow in Singapore Dollars

By Mail – Cheque / Bank Draft / Cashier’s Order in Singapore Dollars

Payment of fee must be accompanied with a duly filled application form and the relevant supporting documents required. Both application form and full payment must reach PAI by the application closing registration date.

  1. Where do I submit my PACT Application?

PACT application can be done online. Plese click here to apply.

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